Lida Dimitropoulou

Project Manager

Lida Dimitropoulou, M.A. 1996, Ph.D 2001, is Project Manager at the Information Sciences Institute (ISI), University of Southern California (USC) and part of the leading team of the Visual Intelligence and Multimedia Analytics Laboratory (VIMAL). In this position she assists in the planning, coordination and execution of government funded research projects. Her role is to assist PIs in overseeing their awards and day-to-day management of their teams tracking project issues, ensuring deliverables’ timely preparation and submission, supervising sub-awardees’ spending progress and team’s purchasing and traveling needs and following up with sponsor’s requests. She also contributes to the writing and submission of new proposals, award extensions, and IRB protocols. She maintains regular communication with sub-awardees, ISI’s business office, and USC’s Department of Contracts and Grants as the main administrative point of contact for each award. Prior to joining ISI, she worked as Project Manager and Research Administrator managing European Commission projects and national grants at the Intelligent Robotics and Automation Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens and the School of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete where she also held a research position in environmental multi-level and participatory governance. She has authored or co-authored over 10 peer-reviewed publications. With her combined experience in academic research and project management she has contributed to the management of many ISI projects including: DARPA GARD / LR2: Learning Robust Representations, IARPA THOR-BATL: Biometric Authentication with Timeless Learner, DARPA MEDIFOR-DISPARITY: Digital, Semantic and Physical Analysis of Media Integrity, IARPA CAUSE-EFFECT: Effectively Forecasting Cyber Attacks, IARPA MOSAIC-TILES: Tracking Individual Performance with Sensors, IARPA HFC-SAGE: Synergistic Anticipation of Geopolitical Events, IARPA MERCURY-SAFE: SIGINT-based Anticipation of Future Events.
Ph.D., European Studies, University of Exeter, UK M.A., European Studies, University of Exeter, UK Diplôme d’Etudes européennes, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes, FRANCE B.A., Language and Communication, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, UK
Fulbright (2008-2009) Visiting Scholar - Research: Corpus-Based Methods for Political Network Construction, University of Southern California, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering (, Los Angeles, CA, c/o Pr. Shrinkath Narayanan, November 2008 - January 2009 Hellenic National Scholarships Foundations - ΙΚΥ (2003-4) Post-doctoral researcher: The Europeanization of regional policy and its impact on the regional administrative structures and institutions of Greece – lessons for the Western Balkans